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About us

medPORT is owned and developed by ParsePort ApS located in Copenhagen, Denmark. ParsePort ApS a Danish company who is specialized in data management and communication. The medPORT device has been developed in close coorperation with medical practices, POC device vendors, healthcare distributors and Medcom – The Danish Health Data Network (owned by the The Danish Ministry of Health, the Danish Regions and the Danish Government).

The mission of medPORT is to make life easier for the personnel in the global healthcare industry, whatever it’s an industrial laboratory, medical clinic, hospital etc. medPORT shall minimize the workload, maximize the efficiency and save valuable time for the personnel. At the same time medPORT shall optimize the data processing, -handling, and –quality.

If you are interested in a demonstration of medPORT, please do not hesitate to contact one of our consultants by calling us, or filling out the contact form.