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“It is my overall assessment that medPORT is user friendly, time saving and gives rise to a much safer handling of data.”

Lars Aagaard Olsen, General Practitioner

“With medPORT we can now transfer the lab results electronically which makes the work process much easier and at the same time increases the quality of our patient data.”

Lene Gosvig-Jensen, Bio analyst

“During our recent accreditation medPORT also excited the consultant in regards to patient safety”


Elisabeth Nøttrup Hechmann, Nurse

We feel that patient safety has been optimized with medPORT and the risk of adverse incidents has been reduced significantly”

Sanne Sørensen, Nurse
How can we save that much time with a medPORT? 2017-01-30T18:21:54+01:00

There are mainly three reasons why clinics with medPORT saves so much time.

1) It is redundant to enter or scan the social security number to the POC devices

2) Skip the manual writing of results on post-its and scraps of paper

3) Skip all manual entering of the test-results in the EMR system

1) Eliminates the need for input of patient data in the POC devices.

For safety reasons many users enter their patients’ social security number on their POC devices before starting the analysis. Although it can be good practice to enter patient data on the POC devices, it is a time consuming and tedious process, often complicated by devices with small screens and limited sensitivity.

With medPORT this whole process is superseded, as all the results from the POC devices are associated with the chosen patient upon arrival to medPORT. This also means that instead of finding results on the different POC devices – all results from all the POC devices can now easily be found in only one place.

2) Skip all the post-it’s and pieces of paper.

When all the results are now being transferred from POC devices to medPORT and from medPORT directly to the EMR system – it is no longer necessary to print, or write down on scraps of paper only to subsequently re-enter the same data in the EMR system. It will now happen at the touch of a button.

3) Skip the manual entering of results in the EMR system

Since all the results from the POC devices are now being transferred digitally to the EMR system it saves a lot of time by not having to first write them down, find the patient in the EMR system, find the analysis and enter the results.

Below is an example of typical analysis carried out in a medical practice. Since the patients are already selected and the results received from the devices it only requires a click on the “send” button and the result are sent to the EMR system.

It takes less than a second.

Which POC devices can be used with medPORT? 2017-01-30T18:18:12+01:00

We strive to offer integration to as many POC devices as possible. In cooperation with the manufacturers of the various POC devices we are continuously developing our product portfolio and can therefore offer more and more GP’s medPORT – without them necessarily having to swap a preferred device with another.

Today the following devices are compatible with medPORT.

 Producent  Apparat  Måletype  Analyse(r)
 Siemens  DCA Vantage  Blod  HbA1c, eAG
 Siemens  Clinitek Status  Urin  Urinstix, hCG
 Alere  Afinion AS100  Blod  CRP, HbA1c, ACR & Lipid
 Alere  Urilyzer 100  Urin  Urinstix
 Hemocue  WBC DIFF  Blod  Differentialtælling, hvide blodlegemer
 Hemocue  Hb 201+  Blod  Hæmoglobin, Hb
 Hemocue  Glukose 201+ / Glukose 201RT  Blod  Glukose
 Roche  CoaguChek XS Plus  Blod  INR
 Roche  Urisys 1100  Urin  Urinstix
 Macherey-Nagel  Uryxxon – Relax  Urin  Urinstix
 Orion Diagnostica  Quickread Go  Blod  CRP, Hæmoglobin
 EKF Diagnostic  QuoTest  Blod  HbA1c, eAG mf.
 Bodytech  i-CHROMA  Blod  CRP
Should you use a device in your clinic that isn’t  on the above list, we welcome you to contact us. We will then look at the possibility of integrating it with medPORT as soon as possible.
Can you conduct tests on different patients simultaneously? 2017-01-30T18:15:53+01:00

Yes, there are no bottlenecks or latency when choosing patient in medPORT. This means that everyone who uses the POC devices can work simultaneously without delay or hold-ups.

Below is an example of different patients selected and different analysis conducted in parallel

How do you find the patient who you’re conducting the test on? 2017-01-30T18:14:44+01:00

In medPORT you do not spend time searching for patients throughout the entire EMR system, or have to enter the social security number. As medPORT is integrated with the clinic’s EMR system and thus have access to the calendar, only the patients scheduled for today will appear on the screen. It is even possible in the medPORT settings only to display a certain period of time – for example, 3 hours forward and 3 hours backwards. Patients are sorted in alphabetical order by their first name, so it is easy and simple to find the correct patient.

In larger medical practices with many physicians / analysts / nurses there can often be several hundred patients during the day. Here the built-in filter function is a great advantage, as you can quickly sort out patients that meet some specific criteria. In the filter, it is possible to choose to view a particular calendar, a period of time or the gender of one’s patient.

Below a few examples of how simple and quick it is to find and select a patient.
Picture 1 – Here is how the total overview of the patients that have an appointment in the clinic that day looks like. Patients are sorted by first name and it’s easy with your finger to scroll back and forth between patients.

Picture 2 – Here the filter is used and it shows how easy it is to find the relevant patient. You can choose a specific calendar, choose a specific time frame or the gender of the patient. It is also possible as shown in the example below, combining filters for further sorting.

Is medPORT formally approved by any authorities? 2017-01-30T18:12:44+01:00

Yes, medPORT is approved by the Danish Health Data Network – also knowns as Medcom. Actually medPORT was developed in close cooperation with deputy head Ib Johansen from MedCom. The approval of medPORT covers a safe and effective collection and transmission of laboratory results in medical practices in Denmark. Everything from safety in the data transfer, procedures for the use of medPORT, and the quality of the outcome files have been raided and tested by MedCom, who with their approval has given medPORT their quality mark.

Find the formal approval at medcoms webpage here (Telemedicinsk hjemmemonitorering)

can medPORT receive result from different devices simultaneously? 2017-01-30T18:11:48+01:00

Yes, there are no obstacles or latency compared to using multiple devices simultaneously in medPORT. This means that everyone who uses the laboratory POC devices can work simultaneously and without delay or hold-ups at medPORT.

Below an example of the several tests and received results from the different devices at the same time.

How does medPORT affect the safety and data security im my clinic? 2017-01-30T18:10:13+01:00

The patient safety and data security in clinics using medPORT is highly optimized. in regards to laboratory testing and results management.

Firstly, it removes the risk of incorrect entries of the test results, as the manual process of entering these data completely disappears.

Secondly ,it means that everyone in the clinic handles test results the same way – this is especially relevant in relation to the accreditation of the clinic.

Thirdly, there is built-in decision support in medPORT. This means that every time a result is sent from medPORT to the EMR system it is applied with a warning in the EMR system if one or more of the values ​​are above / below the reference value. The reference values ​​used are in Denmark provided by Medcom, but they can be adjusted according to the clinic’s choice if alternative reference values ​​are preferred.

Fourthly, medPORT is approved by Medcom. This approval is based on a wide range of test of safety in the handling of test results from POC devices and their transfer to / from medPORT to the EMR system.