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How medPORT works

When the Point-Of-Care (POC) instruments are connected to medPORT, the results from the  devices will automatically be transferred to the medPORT tablet. From medPORT the result will be – at the touch of a button – applied to the patient’s laboratory cards in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

medPORT knows via the integration with the used EMR systems which patients, that are checked-in at the clinic, which makes it easy to find the patient that the analysis is regarding.

The ease of use with medPORT

1. Select the patient in medPORT
2. Perform the test on the POC device
When the test is done, the result will transfer to medPORT automatically
3. Press the send button
4. The results are now send to the EMR system and be applied to the patients record.

“It is my overall assessment that medPORT is user friendly, time saving and gives rise to a much safer handling of data.”

Lars Aagaard Olsen, General Practitioner

“With medPORT we can now transfer the lab results electronically which makes the work process much easier and at the same time increases the quality of our patient data.”

Lene Gosvig-Jensen, Bio analyst

“During our recent accreditation medPORT also excited the consultant in regards to patient safety”


Elisabeth Nøttrup Hechmann, Nurse

We feel that patient safety has been optimized with medPORT and the risk of adverse incidents has been reduced significantly”

Sanne Sørensen, Nurse